Rainwater Harvesting

Harvesting rainwater, surface water management and soakaways

This is a massive subject and almost requires a website of its own!

As awareness increases, rainwater harvesting and water storage/water management is of growing concern to many people.

This can be as simple as installing a rainwater butt for harvesting rainwater to designing and installing an underground sytem. 

We can assist with most common types of installation including the conventional concrete ring soakaways and the installation of cell type units. We would be pleased to arrange a free of charge site visit to discuss your requirements.

Rain water harvesting
Above: Rain water harvesting

1.Wisy underground filter, 2. Calmed inlet
3 Submersible pump with intergral flow controller and dry running protection
4 Suction filter, 5 Overflow trap, 6. 110mm drainage pipe used as duct
7. Mains power connection (must be RCD protected)
8. Additional outlets can be provided as required

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