High Pressure Water Jetting

We have a range of high pressure water jetters. Some are designed to be towed behind vans, they include 4000psi 10 galls a minute models and 3000psi 8galls minute models. In other instances vans have built in van packs with a similar capacity. In every case there is a built in water tank.

It is important to remember that all operatives should be trained and certificated, the equipment is dangerous in inexperienced hands, it is quite capable of chopping off a finger or toe or injecting a combination of air and water into the body with potentially fatal results. Our experienced operators are fully trained.

High pressure water jetting is used to unblock pipes, remove scale and grease deposits and to cut roots. The range of spinning jet heads includes nozzles for removing scale, rust from cast iron pipes and that enemy of drains, roots, you may like to see the short video that we have demonstrating some of these products.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Above: High pressure water jetting to clear a drain.

Root Cutting

Roots can be cut from the drain. Fine roots are cut using what we call the screamer, if you view the video clip the reason why becomes clear! Tougher roots can be removed using a ‘Wart Hog’ an American designed head incorporating a chisel point of water combined with a damped head to prevent it spinning too quickly.  In other instances it may be that a metal cutter with a spiral blade and serrated teeth is needed. This is also driven by high pressure water which cuts the roots and washes the resulting debris away.

Root cutting is normally carried out prior to resin lining, if the roots are just cut and no further action is taken they can continue to grow, becoming thicker and forcing the joints apart. Eventually cracking and breaking the pipe, leading to an expensive and disruptive excavation and replacement.

You may wish to view the video on resin lining that is available on our website.


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