Frequently Asked Questions
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1 Can I get a Percolation Test? 24 Feb 2012
2 What types of problems can I have with a septic tank? 24 Feb 2012
3 Was there really a man called Crapper who invented the flushing toilet? 15 Nov 2011
4 Which is the best septic tank? 15 Nov 2011
5 We run a small Cafe, I have been told that it is not legal for us to discharge from the kitchen waste to the main sewer? 8 Nov 2011
6 Why does my bath overflow when it rains? 2 Nov 2011
7 Is there a difference between a septic tank and a sewage treatment plant? 2 Nov 2011
8 Can I use an acid based drain cleaner to tip down my sink or toilet? 25 Oct 2011
9 What happens to the leaves that are washed out of the gutter, down the pipe and into the ground? 25 Oct 2011
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Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

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