Emergency Drainage Call-Out

We appreciate that emergencies usually occur at the most inconvenient times. The commonest cause of an emergency is a blocked drain leading to sewage over spilling onto the surrounding ground.

This can often be dealt with by simply removing the cause, using rods, high pressure water jetting or electro mechanical tools. Whatever method the engineer uses there will not be an additional charge for specialist equipment used. Unlike many other companies the quoted hourly rate includes all the equipment carried on the van.

There is a minimum charge of one hour, if the unblock proves to be a simple one and there is time left out of the hour, the engineer will investigate, normally using a CCTV camera. This will show if there is a defect in the line, if so we will make recommendations and give a cost to rectify it.

How long will we take to get to you?

We have response crews in most part of the county, it is possible that they could be involved in an emergency at the time you call, so the person who schedules the work, will view our tracker, identify the crew closest to you, check with them on their completion time and ring you back with a time. The average time from you making the call to our crew arriving with you is two hours.

Can you always clear the blockage?

In the vast majority of cases we can, occasionally there will be a collapsed pipe due to roots breaking the pipe or other physical damage. In this instance it may still be possible to restore a temporary supply until the damage can be permanently repaired.

If an excavation is required you will be given a quotation showing the cost and timescale of the repair with the emphasis being placed on minimum disruption and inconvenience to yourself.

Who do I ring?

Ring our usual office number. Our telephone system will seamlessly connect you to the operations team who will deal with your problem, there is no ‘press button 1’ or automated response, just a helpful human.


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