CCTV Drainage Survey

We use the latest state of the art CCTV cameras recording to DVD. The engineers conduct a metre by metre survey noting on log sheets the configuration of the system together with any faults. This information is evaluated and a full report is sent to you together with a computer generated site sketch, DVD and recommendations. Either a quotation or an indication of cost will be included if remedial work is required.

Above: Using a CCTV Drain Camera.

Using the Gully Camera CCTV     Seasnake CCTV

Above: Using the Gully Cam and Seasnake Cam, alternative CCTV Drain Cameras.

Why would anyone want a CCTV survey?

The main reasons why a CCTV survey is asked for are as follows:

  • There has been a history of blockages and a CCTV survey will identify the problem
  • A record is required of the route, type and depth of drains.
  • A check on condition is required before a decision to purchase or lease is made.
  • The drain is going to be built over.
  • Confirmation of condition is required after an installation has taken place or work has been carried out
  • Rainwater down pipes are to be checked for leaks or defects.
  • Our cameras are fitted with sondes, this means that we can accurately trace the route of pipes and establish their depths. All this information will be given to you on log sheets DVD and a computer generated site location map.
  • So, from a waste pipe to a sewer we can survey, record, photograph and establish the route.

Pre-Purchase Drain Survey

Do not get caught out with expensive drain repairs, simply avoid this by having a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey. Mortgage providers are increasingly insisting on a drain inspection before offering a mortgage to a new home owner.

Most people buying a new home assume that when a surveyor carries out a full homebuyer or building survey to check the condition of the property they automatically assume that this will cover the drains, however this is not the case.

The surveyor only lifts the drain covers to check the drains are not blocked and the manholes are in an acceptable condition, however they cannot be certain of any defects within the drainage system and will instruct you to get a specialist drainage company to carry out a homebuyer drain survey or pre-purchase CCTV drain survey.

If there are any faults found in the pre-purchase survey, it may be possible to negotiate the cost of repair off the purchase price, if our engineers find accidental damage to the drainage system caused by root infestation, ground movement, or subsidence, the seller can claim off their building insurance policy for accidental damage in some cases.

Drains should be considered part of the overall purchase assessment particularly if you are considering buying a new home. We can provide you, your mortgage provider or a structural surveyor with a homebuyer drainage report at short notice, we can also email the report to you too, saving time!

Either air or water tests can also be requested for pre purchase surveys. BEWARE, if buying a property drain repairs could cost more than you think, would you buy a used car without an MOT?

To book a Pre-Purchase CCTV survey, just give us a call.

Sample Report

Pipe Navigator Report


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