Blocked Drains

Whether the blockage occurs at a school, commercial premises, hotel, factory, retail outlet or domestic dwelling we can help.

Our crews are highly trained, CRB checked and fully equipped. There are many reasons why a drain blocks. With a school it could be as simple as a ball down the line or polythene lunch bags, a hotel or catering outlet could be blocked with fat or there could be simply an excess of toilet paper combined with a low flow. Perhaps you have roots in the line, these can enter through cracks or where old clay pipes have been jointed with sand and cement, an inflexible joint such as this invariably fails in time. These roots can normally be cut using specialised equipment.

Blockages also occur in rainwater down pipes, this could be due to leaves or granular material from the roof washing down into the pipe.

We have found blockages caused by things as varied as a skinned rabbit in a polythene bag, various items of clothing and towels, old drain rods left from a previous attempt at unblocking, and gas and water pipes driven through the drain by other contractors. One lady was very pleased when we rapidly removed a plastic plant pot from the drain for the cost of one hours work, especially when she had been quoted over £3000 to dig them up by another contractor!

We use a variety of methods to clear the drain, sometimes simply using rods, even after other contractors have tried and failed. At other times it may be necessary to use high pressure water jetting. If you look on our video clip this will show some of the different jet heads that we use in action, We also use an American design of rotating jet head called a Warthog. This is damped to prevent it from rotating too fast and incorporates a water jet designed to work at a critical angle, this is particularly effective against scale, fat and roots.

In some instances it not advisable to use water, for instance this could be above a suspended ceiling in a shop or nursing home. In this instance we may use an electro mechanical tool such as a Rothenberger. These have a tough but flexible inner cable with a variety of cutting tools attached. They are driven by a powerful electric motor and the flexible drive is inserted into the drain and it then feeds slowly down the drain removing scale, roots and obstructions.

If you have septic tank the problem could be a blocked soakaway. In this instance the outlet pipe from the tank could be blocked causing the drain down to the tank to block and the manholes overflow. All soakaways have a limited working life and water jetting will probably provide only a temporary solution


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